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Share Your Idle Parking Space

Updated: Mar 9, 2023


Parking is an essential part of city life. A city must have enough parking spaces for residents and visitors at all times. While peer-to-peer services like Uber, Lyft, and Ola have exploded in popularity, not everyone can sell their car and rely on them. Public transportation in many Indian cities is limited and not always on time. Riding a bike with all your shopping is also difficult.

Where do we park if we can only use our cars?

Sharing Parking Is The Answer

The private sector companies like Kerblet has a promising solution to the lack of parking: collaborative consumption. A growing number of websites and mobiles apps dedicated to matching parking owners with drivers have emerged.

Become a private parking sharer by following these tips:

Select a listing:

Decide where you'll offer your place. These include community bulletin boards and newspaper classifieds, as well as in Kerblet App.

Determine the location:

Is it at work or at home? Is it covered in a garage or driveway? When will it be released? You will need to share certain details with prospective tenants. The best way to enter the location, for example. Before listing your spot, confirm all the details.

Can I share?

Even if you don't own the land where the spot is located, it's important to know the laws surrounding sharing. Some landlords, for example, prohibit more than one car per tenant from a parking space. Before letting others use your parking space, check local ordinances, lease terms, and company policies.

Set a price:

How much do you want for it? Is it free of charge? Determining the best price is important. Confirm your spot's price in the local market Pricing by vehicle type is flexible with Kerblet.

Passive Income Source:

Parking sharing can be a great passive income source, and in some cases, it can even be a long-term revenue stream. Kerblet app pays its listed host their weekly basis revenue with direct deposit with Kerblet app. As long as there is no revenue leakage, the host can check the details of their revenue statements in-app.

Use descriptive text and appealing photos:

The way you describe your space will determine whether it is rented. Describe how they will enter and what the space will look like. Using photos personalizes your description and gives them a sense of what to expect before they book.

Place, place, place:

If your parking spot isn't in a tourist-friendly or difficult-to-park location, use your parking summary to explain why your neighborhood and spot are preferable.

Be a gracious host:

Consider your role as a host carefully. The rewards of hosting are readily available, but the sacrifices are high. Having a good listing will attract many customers. Clear the way for the renter and make sure nothing is in the way. Good parking experiences lead to repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers.

Describe your self:

When using these services, it's always good to provide some personal information. Most of us live in apartments or houses where drivers can enter our personal space. It makes you appear more trustworthy and friendly. So, if you're using online sites, fill out your profile descriptions fully.

Improve community strength and trust:

Let them know how it went by giving them a thoughtful review after they successfully rent your spot. Thus, a stronger community is created. Your friends and family may want to list a spot in the same venue if you don't use an online service.

Life is too short to waste it. Peers can help each other solve city parking issues. Sharing increases parking availability throughout the city without adding to the demand for new parking. Why not join the growing community of kind spot sharers and help a driver in need?



Snehalchandra is the founder of Kerblet, an Aurangabad-based startup whose mission is to change the way people find, reserve, and pay for parking.

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