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Kerblet is a revolutionary parking technology that helps drivers find, reserve and pay for parking spots with ease. No more driving around in circles looking for a spot, thanks to our real-time data and predictive algorithms.

Our technology is also designed to provide an integrated payment system for drivers, allowing them to quickly and easily pay for their parking spaces. With Kerblet, drivers can access and pay for parking spaces with just a few clicks. We are revolutionizing the parking experience and making it easier and more efficient for drivers.

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Pay & Park Owners

Boost Income

Owners of Pay and Parks Increase your earnings by accepting online reservations.

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Colleges, Universities

Simplify Students Parking

Faculty, staff, visitors and students, who wish to park on campus can use app.

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Home Owners

Make Passive Income

Make some extra money by charging people to park in your driveway or in your yard.

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Housing Societies

Get Paid To Park Visitors

Useful and cost-effective solution for managing the visitor and resident parking activities

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Private Sports Grounds

Boost Ground Bookings

Private commercial recreation facilities can accept online reservations through an app.

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Event Venues

Get Online Reservations

Easy-to-use app helps party and event venues book more events

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Hawkers Space Owners

Start Renting Out Hourly

Give street vendors a safe and secure area to set their shop. you can charge them hourly


Shopping Malls

Optimize Mall Parking

Optimize and efficiently manage customer experience with digitized mall parking.

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Civic Bodies

Fix Public Parking 

Avoid revenue losses due to the misuse of public parking spaces. Make city parking easy

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Business Parks

Optimize Parking

Parking troubles could hurt a company if it is unable to provide parking for its employees.

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Optimize Hospital Parking

In addition to the patients, there will also be visitors, and they are the main users of parking

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EV Charging Stations

Let Park and Charge

EVC spaces can be metered or fixed fee Kerblet supports both.

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