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elevating Urban Mobility 
Kerblet's Innovative Parking Solutions for Smart Cities ,
Civic Bodies,  Private and Commercial Parking Garages Across India

Optimized Parking Management for Your City's Curbs
Curbside parking spaces are a revenue-generating asset for the city. Kerblet helps Smart Cities and Civic Bodies optimize curb space earnings and improve customer parking experiences. Customers benefit from this mutually beneficial approach to parking efficiency and ease.

Technology-powered Kerblet Parking platform is changing how customers find and pay for parking. We make parking easy and convenient. We offer payment processing and parking data analytics on our platform.

Parking should be easy and efficient so you can focus on what matters. As a driver, business, or municipality, Kerblet Parking and Services can assist you locate the ideal parking option.

Experience The Future Of Parking With Kerblet: For Easier, Faster and Smarter Parking Solutions.

Kerblet is an innovative parking technology company that has been transforming the way cities and businesses in India manage their parking. We have developed an intelligent parking system that provides an end-to-end solution to the parking problem by using cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall convenience.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of intelligent parking solutions across India and beyond. We are committed to helping cities and businesses build Smart Cities and to making parking smarter, safer and easier.

Join Kerblet as a Parking Host 

Kerblet Parking – not just your average parking solution provider, but a dynamic parking marketplace where individuals like you can share their surplus parking spaces with others. Similar to home-sharing platforms, Kerblet transforms underutilized parking assets into opportunities for both hosts and users. where sharing your parking space is not just a service, but a community-driven initiative that benefits everyone involved.

What is Kerblet Parking Marketplace and how does it work?

Let us have a look at some of the advantages.

As a parking marketplace, Kerblet allows any individual with legal ownership of parking spaces to become a Parking Host. Whether it's your residential driveway, office parking lot, or any other legally held parking spot, you can now contribute to optimizing parking resources and easing the parking crunch in your community.

Joining Kerblet as a Parking Host is a seamless process. Simply list your available spaces, set your preferences, and watch as your parking assets become valuable commodities for those in search of hassle-free parking solutions.

For Parking & Spaces Owners

Parking & Spaces Owners can utilize the app to earn additional income from their vacant parking spaces. The rental process is simple and expeditious. Users input the address of the available parking space, upload a few photos of the location, specify the availability periods, and set the rental rate.


For Parking & Spaces Renters

Finding parking as a commuter has never been easier. With Kerblet, simply download the app and enter your address to discover available parking spaces nearby. Renting a parking spot is also made effortless through the app, as Kerblet allows you to rent a spot for only the duration you require, without the need for a month-long commitment. Think of it as paying for a metered parking spot, with the added benefit of a guaranteed spot upon arrival

Get Kerblet App on Playstore
Get Kerblet App on AppStore

Join Our Perks Program and Grow Your Vehicle Mechanic Business!

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Are you a local vehicle service provider looking to reach more customers? Join our exclusive Perks Program and take advantage of our app-based platform to expand your customer base!

By partnering with us, you can:

  • Access a growing community of app users seeking vehicle services

  • Offer exclusive discounts to attract new customers

  • Increase your visibility and reach in the local market

  • Benefit from our seamless booking and referral system


Don't miss this opportunity to grow your business. Join our Perks Program today and drive more customers to your door!

Kerblet Forums: Join the Community

At this time our website offers parking forums for users based out of India only. These forums are a great way for users to connect with each other, share their experiences, and discuss parking-related problems and issues. On the forums, users can ask questions, offer advice, and share tips on how to get the most out of our parking technology. Our parking forums offer a safe, secure, and supportive environment for our Indian users to engage in meaningful conversations. We hope that these forums will help to strengthen our community and create a better experience for all Indian users.


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