Parking operators enhance the parking experience for your consumers with technology.

Built in the cloud parking management software designed for commercial and non-commercial public parking garage operators to manage parking operations through a user-friendly app.


Share your empty parking and spaces

Members can earn by securely sharing their extra parking spaces or other vacant locations in their homes with other users of Kerblet on a daily, weekly, monthly, or hourly basis. The app for parking and space sharing is accessible in a different Indian languages. 

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What is Kerblet and how does it work?
Let us have a look at some of the advantages.

For Parking & Spaces Owners

The app enables those with extra parking spaces to earn money from their empty spaces. The rental process is rather quick and easy. Users enter the address of the available parking space, upload a photo or two of the space, select availability periods, and then set the rate.


For Parking & Spaces Renters

However, parking has never been easier for commuters to the. Then, after you've downloaded the app, you'll need to enter your address to see what parking spaces are available nearby. Those wishing to rent can also use the app. Kerblet lets you rent a parking spot only for the time you need, rather than committing to a month-long commitment. Basically, it's the same as paying for a metered parking spot, except you know the spot will be there when you get there!

Get Kerblet App on Playstore
Get Kerblet App on AppStore

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